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What if you could open doors to a world of possibilities and influence how you feel, and the quality of your future, simply by making use of your thoughts and inner imagery? What if the quality of your thoughts creates the quality of your life? What would that mean to you? 

”Relaxation and mental training - for a richly fulfilled life” is a useful toolbox for building a life that is more enjoyable, more fun, more inspiring and more meaningful than you have ever experienced. This book, used with the mp3-files that goes with it, has changed life in a positive direction for many people since it first came into print. Interest in how to go about taking responsibility for moving our lives in a positive direction is steadily increasing. 

In this book you will find clear and specific, easily understandable explanations of the basic theory of relaxation, stress management and mental training. On top of that, you will find useful practical exercises that will help you gain new insights. 

Step by step you will be lead through the process of achieving results by working with your vision of your future goals. 

You will become aware of how healthy self-esteem and self-confidence can help you lead a more richly fulfilled life. You will discover new sides of yourself that can be improved and developed. 

The structure of the book is easy to follow and a wide variety of exercises move you gently but firmly through all the necessary steps toward helping you create the life you desire. 

When you complete the exercises and follow the advice presented in this book you will be surprised at the sense of calm and joy you feel, at the fantastic results you achieve and at the positive changes that come about in your life as you work with these methods. All of the resources and possibilities you need are already within you, waiting to come out. 

The book includes mp3-files that will help you reach and deepen your knowledge and insight. 

Said about the book: 

"What I appreciate most in Eva Johansson's book is that the underlying theories link to the examples that most people can identify with. This is reinforced by the many good exercises that lead the reader to reflection, insight, and learning about how we function mentally and how we can develop and affect ourselves. A very readable and useful book. " 

"Reading a good book can still be disappointed. Disappointed that it ends. But anyone who reads Eva Johansson's "Relaxation & Mental Training", do not worry. With the right attitude towards the content Eva’s book never really ends. Additionally, without exaggeration be said that the reader becomes the main character." 

"An excellent, easily accessible tool for anyone wanting to get on with themselves and life. You get the urge to work with yourself when you read Eva's book. Attracts you to cross the inner barrier. Combination of theory and exercises are splendid."

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10 september
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