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She escaped her wedding on the back of a motorcycle...

Jennifer Pierce learned her fiancé was a thief and a liar fifteen minutes before she was to meet him at the altar. What else could she do but hike her wedding dress up and run? Every relationship she's ever been in has gone up in flames, and she has more than her share of secrets. Luckily, she sees two rough-looking bikers gassing up across the street, and she knows what she has to do. Taking her chances hitching a ride with a couple of bikers is better than marrying a liar.

Carson Kent has been planning his big reveal—telling the man he loves that he's not as straight as he's been pretending. Until the runaway bride barrels into them at the gas station and begs for their help. He suspects her motives from the beginning—she's probably after Quaid's money. But even though Jennifer is a threat to everything Carson wants, he can't deny the way she makes him melt with desire. He hates it, especially when he sees Quaid falling for her too. Riding off into the sunset seems impossible now…until one hot kiss changes everything forever…

Quaid West is more than he seems—and he likes it that way. He's rich, but he drives a motorcycle instead of a sports car. He looks big and bad, but he has a soft heart and a softer touch. Being bisexual has never interfered with his friendship with Carson, who is as straight as they come. But now Carson is acting jealous, and everyone seems to be keeping secrets, especially the pretty stranger with the entrancing brown eyes...

Reader note: contains MMF menage, bikers and billionaires, hot romance elements, male male love, and a happily ever after

30 april
Etopia Press

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