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He’s made her life hell since she arrived in Magnolia Valley. And not only is he the most frustrating man she’s ever met, he’s also the sexiest. A steamy enemies-to-lovers romance.  

He’s used to getting his way…

This new project will get the Wilder and Sons Logging Company back on its feet after Augustus Wilder’s father left the company in ruins. Or it would, if archaeologist Freya Carmichael hadn’t put her nose where it didn’t belong. Now he can’t move forward on the project until she’s done digging up some old pottery shards.

Well, he’s not going to take it lying down. He’s going to convince her to go dig somewhere else. If only he could be around her for more than two minutes without getting into an argument. 

And when she moves into the house next door and he sees her morning yoga routine? Well… he starts to realize he’s in trouble. Soon, he’s risking everything to protect her, even the company that was always his first priority. 

She’s the archaeologist in his way….

The last year of Freya’s life has been a dumpster fire—her father died, her mentor turned out to be a criminal—but this dig is going to be the start of a better chapter in her life. 

And Freya isn’t going to let anyone intimidate her into quitting, especially Augustus Wilder. Not only is he the most infuriating man she’s ever met, he’s also the sexiest. After yet another blowup fight, she makes him a deal. If he visits her dig site, she’ll visit his work site. 

But after spending more time with him she realizes he’s more dangerous than she thought. His rough exterior hides a fascinating man with a wicked sense of humor and a passionate heart. And he knows exactly what buttons to push to make more than just her temper flare. 

When they finally give in to their electric chemistry, Freya knows she’s in over her head. She’s always been able to hold something back, but Augustus wants all of her. Her body. Her heart. Everything. And she isn’t sure she can deny him anything. 

When their troubled pasts catch up with them, it threatens everything they hold dear—even their lives—and they have to figure out if they can trust a love that neither of them expected to find. 

Can these two enemies find a middle ground and, maybe, even a happily-ever-after? 


This book is the sixth book in the MAGNOLIA VALLEY series. It can be read as a standalone or as part of a larger story line. 

• Dreaming of You (Josie & Calvin)

• Destined for You (Ethan & Astrid)

• Fascinated by You (Nora & Alek)

• He was Playing for Keeps (Caine & Quinn)

• Catching Her Wild Heart (Wyatt & Penny)

• Risking it all for Love (Freya & Augustus)

• It was Always You (Simon & Margot) 

• They Started with a Kiss (Sebastian & Amelia)

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