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Wicked Wolf Shifters volume 2, part 1

***this is a CLIFFHANGER short novella that is part of a serial. This is NOT a full-length book. Parts must be read in order.***

“Once I started reading, my eyes were glued to the pages until I finished. What a twist!!!”

As the fearless, loyal second-in-command of the powerful Wicked Mountain Wolf Shifters, Jackson Rule has sheer animal magnetism, almost limitless influence in his pack, and legions of adoring female fans. He's prowled through life as a charming bad boy for centuries, and so far it's been one sweet ride. 

Except for the undeniable temptation by the only woman he can never have: Tamsin, the incredibly captivating but utterly off-limits sister of his pack's alpha.

As the sister of the alpha, Tamsin Reginald is strong, reliable, and completely driven by the needs of her pack. She's always stayed far away from wild Jackson and his ladykiller ways. Besides, her eventual mating is expected to be a smart political alliance. And impossibly sexy Jackson is anything but a smart decision.

But Tamsin is on the verge of losing control, heart, body, and soul—because she's about to be Ruled by the pack.

To the reader: This story contains hot sex with all the dirty details, naughty language, characters who say “oh, hell yeah” to the fun times, the potential edges of shifter violence, and yes, a cliffhanger. If that isn't your thing, this story probably won't be either. But if all that sounds great, this short serial is for you!

Wicked Wolf Shifters reading order:

Trevor & Cassie:

Surrendered to the Pack

Claimed by the Pack

Taken by the Pack

Mated to the Pack

Tamsin & Jackson:

Ruled by the Pack

Hunted by the Pack

Destined for the Pack

9 december
Sable Moon Books

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