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Josephine was a murderer, drug abuser, alcoholic, promiscuous teenager, and mentally ill, but she was a mother. She was charged with the responsibility of a child and before that child, six others. The first six escaped, either to other lives or an afterlife. She gave birth to her last child at the age of twenty two. This would be the child who felt responsibility for the parent, a desire to keep her safe, concern for her welfare, and a constant yearning to know who she is and where she fits. This child would have a gift. The story is Josephine’s and the family before her, but the burden falls on the child with the gift, the child with the yearning, Sabine.

This coming of age story begins in the neglected, isolated mansion Josephine inherited from her alcoholic father. Sabine wanders the country roads, weaving herself into the lives of neighbors. When Josephine is hospitalized, Sabine has an opportunity to be fostered by Mrs. Emily, a kind, grandmotherly woman, aware of the Dunn family history. Just when Sabine thinks her circumstances could not be better, her estranged brother, Billy, Josephine’s only son, returns. Cautious, at first, Sabine learns to accept and love him, recognizing he is the answer to her deepest yearning. Sabine savors her new relationships, always wary they could end. Her premonitions unfold, proving her intuitions and hauntings, are indeed truth. Socially isolated and unique, Sabine could be a survivor or a victim. She must constantly readjust to her reality. Josephine’s struggle continues, leaving Sabine with a series of journals, which she reads in Josephine’s Journals, book two in the series.

18 november
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