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Hello! Salads are a great way to obtain healthy eating often. Make them tasty, full of fl avors, along
with health in mind-this is What this book is all about. Guidelines to follow in healthy eating, tips to
consider, what the foods we eat contain, letting us know we need them, the authors outlook in eating
healthy and happy-all of these are right here in Salads Galore. Dont just eat; Know as much as possible
about what you are eating and not eating. Enjoy desserts made up with fruits, not just cakes and
rich puddings. Mealtimes and snacks can be not only tasty but also healthy. Lets not fool ourselves.
We basically need to be healthy for life, so why not eat the healthiest? Eat the correct food full of
antioxidants, which are found in veggies, fruits, and other food choices. Combination salads, brown
rice with veggies and fruits, meats and fruits, tofu, drinks, salads, desserts, seafood, and fi sh salads. So
much to read and enjoy. Th is book off ers motivation and directions in eating, to be healthy and happy
every day. If you are eating with more than one health-related condition, meal planning is important.

Come, readers, be a part of family and friends in testing new and exciting recipes.

Salads Galore will give you all you needed to get on the right side of healthy, happy eating

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13 februari
Xlibris US

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