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Within minutes of giving birth, Sue Latour was told by her pediatrician her baby girl could not possibly survive the night. The diagnosis was confirmed as certain by a room full of medical experts brought in to assist. Gripped with fear and with seemingly no other options, she turned to God for help. Thus, begins the miraculous story of Sue Lyons-Latour and her miracle princess, Sandy Michelle Latour. Sandy’s Heart will enlighten and inspire like no other. You’ll laugh and cry, but most of all you’ll understand that in the twenty-first century miracles still happen. Sandy’s survival was only the first of many miracles to follow. What little did the hospital professionals who insisted that they give her up or the family know of what was to come. They were unaware of God’s anointing on their fragile yet miraculous child. The family and all that knew them were to embark on the ride of their lives, filled with testing, trials, and with God’s great mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, and favor. It all began on October 3, 1984, with Sandy’s first miracle. Sandy’s life reached multitudes of souls for the kingdom of God. She walked with God and prophesized the truth into people’s lives. Miracles followed her wherever she went. She had a great character and stated God has a character as well. She knew things about heaven and God that were impossible for a handicapped child with a limited mentality. Her description of Jesus was perfectly described as seen in the Bible’s revelation of Christ. Sandy’s Heart encounters the lives of her family and those around her. It depicts the devastating hard times as well as the blessings and favor of God as He carried them through them all. It allows the reader to find hope and trust in God’s will and to find joy in even the hardest of the hard times.

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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc