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I can't love her no matter how much I want her.

I've been feral, crazed, out of my mind with the need to kill, for six years, ever since my Fated mate and my half-brother were murdered by another pack. I welcomed the madness, hid behind the comfort of insanity and never wanted to let it go. Not when my friend Hannah freed me and definitely not when I saw Mercy Moon for the first time. I watch her every day, hunting food so that she can feed herself and her young because she can't provide for them. She's weak, helpless and exactly what I don't like and yet no matter how hard I try to stay away, she draws me in.

Now that I've regained enough sanity to think, all I can think about is what it would feel like to pin her beneath me. I don't want Mercy Moon for anything more than a onetime fling and yet the moment I touch her, all bets are off.


He's a beast but God help me, he makes me want.

I've watched the half feral male from my kitchen window for months now, wanting to lure him in but terrified that this obsession I've developed will lead me to trouble. The people of Greyriver hate me, shun me, take pleasure in kicking me when I'm down and boy am I down. I lost my mate, a male I despised with every breath I took, and now I'm back home in my home town trying to raise my son and survive the best I can. I can't' get a job, I can't leave the safety of our pack and I can't figure out why a male who avoids me is helping me survive.

When I meet Lync Garrison for the first time, none of my fear or shame matter. I want him. Badly. Desperately. All I need to do is convince him that one night is just the beginning of something that could be the love of a lifetime.


This is the first book of Greyriver Shifters' VOLUME TWO. The first volume is available as a boxset. Just search for Greyriver Shifters by Kristina Weaver. Thanks and enjoy reading!

12 oktober
Kristina Weaver


Swedie ,

Funny and hot romance.

This book is at times laugh out loud funny, other times it is filled with action and a generous dose of hot hot romance. In between there are moments that feel really raw and honest. I came to care for Lync and Mercy and their Shifter Pack. So happy that there are more books to read in the series.

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