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A child marked by God’s hand …
A woman willing to risk her life to save what’s left of her family ...
A priest obsessed with an ancient prophecy ...
A man forced to face his past ...

Four people on a collision course with an earth-shattering destiny.

An Ethiopian priest, believing a little girl is the key to a biblical curse, kidnaps her. The girl’s only surviving relative, Jasmine Rose, convinces a former CIA operative—codename the “Hunter”—to help her find the child. The two must decipher a series of clues as they search from Israel to Egypt to Ethiopia to catch a holy man who always manages to stay one step ahead. What Jasmine doesn’t know is that the Hunter’s former boss is intent on having his revenge.

As the chase escalates, Jasmine finds herself becoming both hunter and prey. She is willing to pay anything, do anything, to secure the child. But will the child’s mystical abilities save the world—or destroy them all? Jasmine must face the ultimate questions: Will finding the girl be a blessing or a curse? And what will she sacrifice to save the child?

What people are saying about Seat of God:
"An intriguing and challenging premise, engaging characters, and a fast-moving story that crosses oceans and continents, all combine to make Sea of God an exciting read. Plan to be up well into the night."
-Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, International bestselling author

"A promising writer! One to surely watch and read. Definitely read!" W
— M.J. Rose, International bestselling author

"If you love action and adventure, smart dialogue, and witty romance, Seat of God is for you. A treat for fans of Jeff Long and Indiana Jones."
— Tamara Thorne, International bestselling author of Haunted, Candle Bay and Eternity

“A thriller about the Ark of the Covenant? What’s not to love? Phoenix takes the Ethiopian route and crafts a classic. Highly recommended.”
— Stel Pavlou, International bestselling author of Decipher and Gene

“Once I picked up Seat of God it was difficult to put down... you will enjoy the journey for sure!”
— Ladybug Mecca, Digable Planets, platinum selling Grammy Award winner

"Seat of God is an essential read for anyone who wants to learn about the very real role that religion and religious history plays in our lives. I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to be on the edge of their seat and learn a great deal about African history."
— Pastor Marvin Moss, Cascade United Methodist Church

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22 juni
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