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Utgivarens beskrivning

The mandate to become wealthy and live happily was given to you millions of years before you was born. If you are ready to take your golden key and unlock your destiny and put the nagging worry behind you, then you have no other choice than to read this wonderful and thought provoking book in your hand. This book has a great formula that empowers you from inside out to effortlessly create anything you need and desire.
It does not matter what your educational background is, how little money you presently have or even your present job, your mind will show you the direct path to true financial abundance. The "wiring" is already in place all you have to know is which switch to flip. You will discover in this rich book the secrets of creating limitless wealth and developing spiritual power.
Many struggle on daily basis, hoping and praying for financial and material empowerment, and most often, end up achieving nothing. Sometimes, it seems like every day there's something else to knock us off track and make it that much harder to keep our head above water, much less thrive in the sumptuous abundance that seems like a far-away dream.
However, if you really wants to know the truth why the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Then you need time to read and absorb the rich content of this book. The poor make their decisions based on outside-the-mind conditions. The rich (and the soon to be rich) make their decisions based on inside-the-mind conditions.

Religion och andlighet
21 september
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