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This is the Sequel to I Married An Alien, the second book in the Treaty Series

Professor Leon Jackson's time travel experiment appears to have been a dismal failure. After sending his last subject Ruth Clarke into a coma, he faces not only disgrace and dismissal from the faculty, but also a possible prison sentence. So he tries the experiment on himself. What else has he got to lose, even if it ends up killing him?

But it doesn't kill him. It sends his mind three hundred years into the future, into the body of an alien soldier from Terron, left stranded on Earth when the fuel shortage struck. Weak and hungry from an unknown illness, he is helped by Sonia Turner and her father. Roger Turner is an ex-spaceship pilot, and offers to return Leon, now in the body of Brendon Demanteena, to his home planet, the only place he can safely recover.

Sonia has always had a fascination with anything Terron, so she jumps at the opportunity of leaving anarchy ravaged Earth with her father and a fascinating man who appears to have lost his memory.

After his lonely existence on Earth, has Leon finally been given a second chance at life and love? Will Sonia stand by him when she finds out who he really is? And will the Terrons let him stay?

Find out in this sexy romp through space and time, the second book in the Treaty Series.

Sci-fi och fantasy
21 november
Emma Daniels

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