Utgivarens beskrivning

This is a book of photographs that I shot in 2016 while walking along the 88 Temple Pilgrimage Route, Shikoku, Japan. The photographs highlight the landscapes, villages, cities, temples, paths, trails and people seen along the route or at the temples. The book is divided into chapters and in a clockwise direction follows the route from temple 1 (Ryozenji) to temple 88 (Okuboji) returning to temple 1 to complete this circular pilgrimage walk. Each chapter has a short introduction to the following section of the route. There is also a general introduction to the walk at the beginning of the book. Every photo has a caption describing the scene. A route map has also been included. 

This book is intended for those interested in undertaking the Shikoku pilgrimage walk. The book provides pictorial examples of sections of the route which would assist those researching and planning their long distance walk around Shikoku. The book is also intended for those interested in landscape and travel photography or a general interest in other places and cultures from their own. 

I hope this e-book inspires people to walk this fascinating and varied route. Walking the route and taking these photographs was a wonderful way to experience Japan and Japanese culture in a way that couldn’t be achieved in a bus, train or car. I also hope it inspires travellers to look beyond Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima etc. to explore Shikoku with its many temples, intimate spaces, varied landscapes and friendly inhabitants.

Konst och underhållning
1 december
Martyn R Wilson