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Welcome to a new approach to identifying the Shorebirds of North America.

Standard field guides include photos or drawings but these static methods of portraying birds do not depict their actual behavior or habitat. Bob Hamblin’s Shorebird ID Videos show shorebirds in their natural surroundings and engaged in natural behavior.

All species accounts includes live action video, range maps and professionally recorded narratives that describe field marks, behavior and habitat.

Watching Bob’s videos is a proven way to sharpen your birding skills. It’s like being in the field with your binoculars on the bird and a naturalist at your side.

All of the information in our videos has received extensive ornithological review, most notably by Paul Lehman, the former editor of the American Birding Association’s (ABA) Birding magazine.

This book features 43 species of North American Shorebirds. The video for each species averages 1 minute 19 seconds in length. The total run time is 56 minutes 30 seconds. The species list includes:

American Avocet • American Oystercatcher • American Woodcock • Baird's Sandpiper • Bar-tailed Godwit • Black Oystercatcher • Black Turnstone • Black-necked Stilt • Buff-breasted Sandpiper • Curlew Sandpiper • Dunlin • Great Knot • Greater Yellowlegs • Hudsonian Godwit • Least Sandpiper • Lesser Yellowlegs • Long-billed Curlew • Long-billed Dowitcher • Marbled Godwit • Pectoral Sandpiper • Purple Sandpiper • Red Knot • Red Phalarope • Red-necked Phalarope • Rock Sandpiper • Ruddy Turnstone • Ruff • Sanderling • Semipalmated Sandpiper • Sharp-tailed Sandpiper • Short-billed Dowitcher • Solitary Sandpiper • Spotted Sandpiper • Stilt Sandpiper • Surfbird • Upland Sandpiper • Wandering Tattler • Western Sandpiper • Whimbrel • White-rumped Sandpiper • Willet • Wilson's Phalarope • Wilson's Snipe

These videos are great teaching aids. I envy the new birders who will get a head start in their birding careers because of your efforts. Such a fine learning tool…Marv Breece, Washington State Big Year Record Holder, 2001 - 2011

Bob Hamblin is a videographer who has been photographing the birds of North America for more than 30 years. He has traveled over 300,000 miles doing field work in all the U.S. states and most Canadian provinces.

In total, Bob has recorded 622 North American species. His videos often include courtship and territorial displays, nesting behavior and bird interactions with other animals.

Bob has previously sold his work through the ABA with almost 15% of the membership making a purchase.

As a birder who has participated in over 30 Audubon counts, I found Bob’s videos to be an informative and practical way for me to improve my birding skills…Kit Muehlman

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