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My mind won't accept I've been abducted by aliens!

I'm staying overnight in my car at Yosemite when the strange, teal light illuminates me. Next thing I know, I wake up in a cage after being kidnapped with three other people. Everything outside the bars is pink and red on the foreign planet, and I don't feel very well ...

When I spot a beautiful man, glittering through my feverish haze in front of me, I'm unsure whether he's my captor here to claim me or a hero who plans to rescue me. With how awful I feel ... maybe he's an angel sent to guide me into the next world?
I'm assigned as a Guardian to this boring alien planet, watching the ongoing catastrophe unfold as the extraterrestrial contagion wars with the native species ...

It's not like my Sinth Sovereignty superiors can ground me anywhere else in space more apocalyptic, since there's no cure for the invading disease! With that in mind, I'll check the feeding stations on Teleplay exactly where and when I want. I won't go rouge, but it doesn't have to be all by the book—all the time.

I'll never get out of here to discover new things if I don't follow my gut and take some chances. I can't explain why I feel as though I'm being drawn to this building ... as if there's something demanding my attention and waiting to be discovered.

When I stumble into my first contact with contraband Earth Humans, my premonition makes more sense. But what isn't as clear, is why despite the Wen virus racing through their bodies, the female of the species calls to me on a primal, almost barbarian level I don't understand, inspiring instant lust and a desire to claim her.

Also, she appears to see me ... even when I'm sure I've phased into my own dimension.
After reporting them to their alien protectors the Ashen, can I leave her here to die? Especially if there's even the remotest possibility she could be my fated mate?

PLEASE NOTE: This SciFi Alien Abduction Romance short story book (appx 20,000 words) contains Adult Language and Steamy Adult Bedroom Scenes. It is intended for 18+ Readers & Adults Only.

It's the prequel of a science fiction romance series called the Sinth Strain but can be read as a standalone story with no cliffhangers!

30 juli
Pearl Tate

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