Sophia Violet and the Crystal Orb

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When mysterious invaders kidnap Sophia's parents and attack Chiralis, Sophia and her friends set out on a mission to uncover the evil forces behind them. In search of a fuel source for their dark planet and seeking revenge for an ancient crime, the intruders from another galaxy threaten the extinction of both Chiralians and Humans alike.

Join Sophia and her brother, Cru, along with best friends Luna and Darva, as they uncover more secrets and battle new dangers. Navigating powerful orbs, shapeshifting, alien lizards, frozen wastelands, teleportation, and parallel worlds along the way, they rely on friendship and teamwork to carry them forward. Once again called upon to battle evil, Sophia mines the depths of her inner strength as she struggles to balance the responsibilities of saving two universes and the lives of the people closest to her.

Welcome to Book 2 of the Orbs of Power Trilogy: Sophia Violet and the Crystal Orb. So much has changed since her adventure started in Book 1: Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb, that it's hard for fourteen-year-old Sophia Violet to believe that, only last year, she was an awkward teenager who didn't fit in anywhere. Her only friend, Luna, was a secret as she popped in and out of Sophia's life and shapeshifted into an array of animals. Wolves haunted her fire escape. Strangers appeared out of nowhere. It all changed at summer camp. Through a series of dangerous adventures, shocking revelations, and a painful struggle for self-acceptance, Sophia embraced her true identity, changing her life forever.

Now keenly aware of her roots in a parallel universe and possessing shapeshifting and teleporting powers of her own, in this second book in the series, Sophia embraces her destiny as the Orb Master on her home planet, Chiralis. While busy managing the planet's energy fields, she is also working on a relationship with her newly-discovered Chiralian family as the mystery around her birth continues to unravel slowly. It's nearly impossible to keep her secrets from her adoptive parents, especially now that the wolves sleep at the foot of her bed each night and new friends transmigrate in and out of her bedroom. Still, Sophia somehow manages to juggle her two lives. During the day, she's a typical New York City teenager, while at night, she holds the fate of two universes in her hands.

Sci-fi och fantasy
27 mars
Evangeline Greene

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