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In today's world, SQL Injection is a serious security threat over the Internet for the various dynamic web applications residing over the internet. These Web applications conduct many vital processes in various web-based businesses. As the use of internet for various online services is rising, so is the security threats present in the web increasing. There is a universal need present for all dynamic web applications and this universal need is the need to store, retrieve or manipulate information from a database. Most of systems which manage the databases and its requirements such as MySQL Server and PostgreSQL use SQL as their language. Flexibility of SQL makes it a powerful language. It allows its users to ask what he/she wants without leaking any information about how the data will be fetched. However the vast use of SQL based databases has made it the center of attention of hackers. They take advantage of the poorly coded Web applications to attack the databases. They introduce an apparent SQL query, through an unauthorized user input, into the legitimate query statement. In this paper, we have tried to present a comprehensive review of all the different types of SQL injection attacks present, as well as detection of such attacks and preventive measure used. We have highlighted their individual strengths and weaknesses. Such a classification would help other researchers to choose the right technique for further studies.

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6 juli
Kishor Sarkar X

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