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Many scientists and students are asking for advice in statistical analyses during preparation of their publications or theses. This book aims to address these needs by representing a “recipe book” for statistical analysis in biological sciences. More importantly, limited knowledge in statistical thinking affects both the quality of the experimental design and the outcome of research projects. The content of this book will enable everyone to perform high-quality statistical analyses and to produce publication-quality graphics with no additional costs using R. R is at least as good (and often better) as many expensive statistical software solutions for statistical computing. It runs on all important platforms and provides a wide array of specialized modules and utilities for diverse needs.

To use this book the reader does not need to be an expert in statistics. Just copy and paste the syntax of commands and apply them on your own specific data set. The secret in understanding statistics is to perform multiple analyses on diverse data sets to get a better knowledge of the different models.

What’s inside?
You will find a book introducing into scientific researching with practical step by step examples in data analysis and in visualizing data using R.

Dr. Boran Altincicek is a researcher with a lot of experience in research and has a broad knowledge in biological sciences. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at diverse Universities around the world and contributed to numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

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15 september
Boran Altincicek

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