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Their three-way love has never been better...but trouble is on the way.

Café-owner Lanie Washington is excited for her birthday weekend at a private ski resort. Lanie's sharing the luxurious resort with her boyfriends—Reid Mason and Dane Meier—at the end of the season, and that makes everything more exciting and daring. Reid is a lawyer who used to be a rugby star, and Dane was once a professional skier and now owns the resort where they're staying. They've been in love with each other—and with her—for a long time. Both men have busy schedules, so the chances the three of them have to spend time together and really cut loose are limited. She's determined to make the most of it and have a sexy birthday that will go down in the history books for the three of them.

But when her cafe back home is damaged, it throws their love into unexpected turmoil. Lanie's brother has been contesting their father's will, and now she desperately needs the inheritance money for repairs. Reid knows Lanie might lose her chance at the inheritance if he stays in the relationship with her and Dane because Lanie's brother disapproves of her lifestyle and is using it against her. With Lanie's livelihood in danger, she needs to make some hard decisions. Especially since she doesn't know if her heart can take losing Reid and Dane in her life...

Reader note: a stand-alone story containing MMF bisexual menage, BBW heroines, billionaires, very hot romance elements, male male love, and a happily ever after

20 november
Etopia Press

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