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A collection of three of Charlotte Edwards' most popular stories about Emma, the independent city girl who found her submissive side with her married Master.


Emma, the ever submissive mistress is to entertain another couple this evening in her Master’s dungeon. But things don’t quite go as she expected.


Emma was completely submissive to her married Master. Always ready to expand her experience, tonight he takes her to a lap dancing club and watches her entertain both the patrons and the other entertainers.


Emma thought she could manage without her married Master. Besides, she needed to get on with her life and her biological clock was ticking. Realising she was wrong and desperately needed Him, she invited Him for a chat in a hotel room. He came to repossess her with his bag of tricks and his wife!


'I pick you up from the door of your smart Docklands apartment block. You are dressed as directed in a leather mini dress and high heels. You’ve clearly spent a lot of time on your hair and makeup and the overall effect is very pleasing to the eye.

You get into the passenger seat. I lean over to hold your petite face in one hand whilst tasting your cherry lips and use my other hand to check you are commando, as required. I push two fingers into your moist pussy and get a soft moan in return.
Nothing is said. There is no need to speak. I put the car into gear and drive towards the West End.

Over the past year you have settled in well to your role as a rich man’s mistress. An independent business woman of thirty two, you have struggled all your life to hold a relationship down. Never knowing really what you wanted, your brash, no-nonsense persona attracted entirely the wrong sort of man. Until you met me that is!

It took a couple of hours over a drink for me to understand that you were a submissive by nature and the rest of the night in your flat for you to fully understand what that meant. Since then, you have been my distraction from work and boring married life. Having your own busy life, you are nonetheless always ready to drop everything when I want you.

And this is just one of those occasions. Having decided on another way to push your sexual boundaries, I have just given you minimal instructions for the evening; merely timings and what to wear.

Twenty minutes later we are stopped in front of a lap dancing club. We enter the club, still without a word, you following two steps behind me as you had been trained to do. As we enter the main bar area, many of the jaded eyes are pulled away from the naked girl who was pole-dancing on stage to ogle your perfect figure. Every man in the room can see you are built for sex and your demeanour makes it equally clear that you are available to whomever I chose to offer you to.'

This is a collection of steamy erotic tales about a very submissive woman. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity, including m/f, f/f, anal, oral and dubious consent. If this offends you, please do not read it!

19 september
Erotic Dreams

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