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Utgivarens beskrivning

Chapter One
A mixture of anticipation and anxiety filled me as I dragged my small carryon across the platform to the waiting train. The anticipation was entirely due to the quivering expectation that I was about to experience a grand adventure and nothing fate had thrown in my way between the time I’d decided to embark on my little adventure and the moment of departure had managed to quell that except briefly.
The anxiety was a lot of little things wrapped up together that I’d decided to ignore and had stuffed ruthlessly into the back of my mind. Like a train load of frantic hostages, though, they were waving their arms and screaming and trying to break free to ruin the vacation I’d planned for myself.
It was the first real, honest to god, vacation I’d had in years and years. I didn’t actually want to think about just how many. It was enough that I was going to be completely carefree-for once-and I was still young enough, at heart anyway, to enjoy it!
I’d had plenty of pseudo-vacations over the past several years. That was what I termed the occasional trip I had to make for business because it was the only time I managed to break free of the rut of the day to day trials and tribulations of being a small business owner. As long as I had to go anyway, I always treated myself to a little pure fun while I was at it. It usually didn’t amount to a whole lot of ‘fun’ for all that because the business that had brought me to whatever destination took precedence. I tried to get a nice room in a nice hotel, though, enjoy room service once or twice and an in-room movie and whatever socializing I could squeeze in between meetings and so forth. If I managed to get the chance to do a little site-seeing, I did that, too.
This time, though, I wasn’t going to focus on business and try to have a little guilty pleasure on the side. This time, I’d worked my ass off to get everything done that needed my attention before I left and dropped everything in my partners’ lap, my daughters. I was going to have three whole entire weeks to focus on enjoying myself!

7 november
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