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This anthology contains three short stories that feature submissive women surrendering themselves to sexy and confident alpha males in broad daylight. This bundle includes:
Taken In Public By The Billionaires
Taken In Public By The Doctors
Taken In Public By The Mafia Police

These three short stories contain dark bdsm, spanking, mmf, voyeurism & exhibitionism, sexy toys, and more!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"We're already late. Let's go," the professor's assistant took me by the hand and hurriedly led me down the steps to the front of the theatre hall, going past the staring eyes of the five hundred or so students, all waiting to have the experience of their lives.

"Thank you for agreeing to do this," the professor announced to the crowd. "A round of applause, please," he said.

The applause of deafening. There was a student who wolf-whistled, but quickly stopped when the professor turned to glare at him.

The solid stage calmed me somewhat, and being in the light meant that my eyes were quickly blinded to the audience who were staring down at me with desire in their eyes.

The professor shook my hand, leaning close enough to me for our breaths to mix. "I'm Dr. Stein," he whispered against my ear, the warmth vibrating through my skin, mellowing me completely. "Please, don't be scared."

"I'm not afraid," I lied. I was terrified. A cold drop of sweat tickled down my cheek, falling to the heavy coat that was the only thing keeping me decent in the theatre.

"Please, take off your coat," he said, hands on the collar of my coat, getting the buttons loose one by one.

My own hands went up and covered his immediately, trying to stop him from undressing me. "No wait," I begged, pleading eyes staring at him in a wordless plea. "I'm not- I'm not dress- Ah!"

The coat fell off me with a flourish, pooling at my feet and exposing my naked body to the five hundred male students instantly. The collective intake of breath emptied the classroom of breathable air. In an instant, I had everybody's absolute focus. The silence was deafening.

The professor's expression was one of surprise as he realized what he had just done. It was quickly replaced by one of satisfaction. "You're not dressed," he said, the corner of his lips curved in amusement. His voice echoed in the hall despite its vastness.

It was so quiet that I worried they could hear my heart beating rapidly against my chest. My chest rose and fell as I fought to control my breathing. "No," I said, my face burning with embarrassment.

"Very good," he said. "Please, take a seat over there," he said, gesturing to the gynecology table...

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