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Incubus Kit is completely devoted to his master, the sorcerer Sebastian. Bound to serve him, Kit lives to please him; it’s so easy to say that he loves him. Sebastian has never felt such tenderness, such affection before, but Sebastian is afraid that someone who’s compelled to obey him can’t truly love him. As sweet as Kit is, Sebastian is discovering that obedience alone isn’t enough…

5000-word MM erotic romance.


Sebastian invited his local friends around that evening, so that candlelit Summerhall was full of sorcerers, their hungry eyes following Kit wherever he went. In the library, Kit was ordered to serve the drinks again—he thought this was a show of power by Sebastian, that his incubus was so obedient that Sebastian could command him to pour the wine—and the sorcerers did their best to fluster him. They asked how well Kit had been taught to suck cock, and whether Kit could demonstrate.

Kit could not help the flush that rose in his face. Everybody laughed.

“Oh, he could demonstrate.” Sebastian raked Kit up and down with a lazy glance.

Kit nearly spilled the wine he was pouring. His breath caught in his throat, his stomach tightened as heat flashed through him. He put the bottle down before he dropped it.

“What do you think?” Sebastian asked him with a wicked smile.

Was he serious? “I—I don’t—” Kit found himself stammering.

“Come here.” Sebastian pointed to the floor at his feet.

Kit swallowed hard, and licked his lips. He could see what was coming: Sebastian was going to make him suck his cock in front of everybody. It made Kit’s throat dry, made Kit’s head spin. He had never imagined performing in front of an audience before and suddenly he wanted it badly.

“Kitten.” Sebastian used his warning voice.

Kit sank to his knees at Sebastian’s feet. He could feel everybody staring at him. He hid his face in Sebastian’s strong thigh; Sebastian slipped his fingers into his hair. “Would you like to show everybody how well you can suck cock?” Kit gave a small nod, his face still hidden. Sebastian chuckled above him. “I thought you would. Go on.”

Kit fumbled eagerly to free Sebastian’s cock. Sebastian’s grip tightened in his hair before Kit could take him in his mouth. “Slowly. There’s no rush.”

So Kit tasted him slowly, in front of a rapt audience. Kit licked him up and down with delicate swipes of his tongue. Kit loved his flavour, the hot pulse on his tongue. Then Kit moaned aloud in helpless need as Sebastian slid deep into his mouth, those big hands cupping his head. Everyone laughed.

“Eager, isn’t he?” someone asked.

“Always.” Sebastian pushed his head down gently, and Kit fought to take him deeper.

15 december
Alex Jace

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