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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Professor of Radiology and Chief of the VA Department of Radiology at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare Systems, Steven E. Harms, MD, describes the causes and symptoms of TMJ disorders, and the path from clinical examination, to arrival at a differential diagnosis and/or staging via appropriate selection of the optimal imaging modality. An in-depth (yet succinct) explanation of the morphology of TMJ disorders gives the reader an understanding of the five stages of disease severity, ranging from the early stage, which involves disc displacement with reduction, to the late stage, characterized by disc displacement without reduction associated with detachment of the posterior band of the disc (perforation) and severe degenerative arthritis of the condyle. A well written review for the clinician faced with the patient presenting with pain as a result of clicking or locking of the jaw. 

The RadGuidance® series of ebooks offers practicing clinicians - both primary care doctors and specialists - a quick and easy reference to over 100 distinct conditions, and how state-of-the-art imaging should be applied within the context of diagnosis, preoperative staging and therapy monitoring. 

Authored by board certified radiologists many of which also teach at the finest medical schools in the U.S. and abroad, each book is presented in a clear and concise manner meant to be read in less than an hour, yet contains all the necessary information upon which to make a decision on when to order advanced imaging studies for the particular disease process under review. 

The RadGuidance series offers referring physicians and radiology students alike the opportunity to confirm suspicions and back up decisions by accessing precisely targeted information quickly and economically as cases present in daily practice.

10 september

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