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Can a young teenage girl truly fall in love when the boy scarcely gives her the time of day?

Stephanie Dawes thinks so when she forever after compares all men to her high school crush and finds them lacking. Stephanie is tired of kissing frogs while searching for her prince. But she needs help to care for her widowed mother and younger sister. With their house in need of repair, she finds a job in the city so she can help while looking for her illusive Mr. Right.

Due to the conniving of her friend, she moves next door to Walt Jenkins, the very guy she never forgot. Having given up on him long ago, she notices another neighbor who fits her criteria. He has money, is handsome, and attends church regularly, while Walt refuses to darken any church door.

Gray Harding can only get a partnership in his father’s law firm by earning the privilege. He doesn’t mind working hard, but he’d like some appreciation for his efforts. In the meantime, he enjoys the company of his pretty neighbor, and hopes his past doesn’t catch up with him.

Walt Jenkins is surprised when Stephanie moves next door, and wonders if she’s up to her old tricks of chasing him. But she and his sister are friends, so he agrees to keep an eye out for her, and is concerned when she dates Gray. Not that she listens to him.

Stephanie and Walt find even more in common as troubles with his father and her mother, respectively, keep them in turmoil each time they visit their hometown of Golden Springs, Missouri. Join in as Stephanie learns to accept what she can’t change, and Walt finds that forgiveness is more life changing than he ever imagined.

Romancing the 60s series, set in the small fictitious town of Golden Springs, Missouri, is a light-hearted glimpse at a time many baby-boomers look back on with fond nostalgia. Granted, the Sixties held much upheaval, but if you remember that decade, you’ll likely have many happy memories as well. This glimpse back in time is an attempt to touch on the every-day lives of some purely fictional young people, who are not so unlike some you may have known.

Join this journey to a time in history that doesn’t seem so historical to some of us. Grab your copy of Ten Thousand Kisses now! A faith-filled, sweet romance that will carry you away for an enjoyable and unforgettable time.

29 oktober
Mildred Colvin

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