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This bundle is the first three stories of the Boss's Little Cow Series.

The Boss's Little Cow 1 It's sweet young Kendra's first day as an intern at Agrocorp. Of course she has to back into her new boss's red sports car in the parking lot. While he's still in it. Turns out he's not just forgiving, but also helpful. When Kendra's little leaking problem pops up in his office he's more than happy to give her what she needs, as strong and hard as she needs it. When he discovers the true extent of her creamy problem, he's only too happy to tell her how she could fill a different position at Agrocorp. Before she knows it, Kendra's on her way to being their top producer! This erotic story features taboo scenes between consenting adults, and lots of cream! The

Boss's Little Cow 2 Quiet intern Kendra is getting used to her creamy new job as Agrocorp's latest human cow. She's a bit shocked when her boss's stern secretary show's up to take a sample, but is curiously surprised at how the intimate encounter makes her feel. When it's time to be drained in front of the board of directors, she's actually looking forward to being hooked up to the machine. But a malfunctioning machine means her boss, Mr. Arnold, has to take matters into his own hands and get at her cream the old-fashioned way.

The Boss's Little Cow 3 Kendra is finally settling into her role at Agrocorp. She loves the cage she's strapped into to be hooked up to the machine and pump her cream. Her feelings for Alice have grown. But her world turns upside down when the company asks her to take it hard and unprotected and get pregnant. Alice explains to her what an honor it is to be chosen and tells her she'll be with her the whole time. Kendra agrees and isn't disappointed when she finally gets a taste of Alice. This creamy story features multiple scenes of farm menage. Adult readers only.

19 juli
Thirteenth Line Publications

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