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As a 20+-year sports veteran I am revealing the system I use to bet a small amount of money, and look for the big score. As a better I know what it feels like to have more than one play starting at the same time, so I needed a method for dealing with this situation. I developed The Complete Round Robin Betting Guide to teach players how to bet many games at one time using a small amount of cash. The secret of this book is to keep the risk level down, but always having a chance for a major score. What is a Round Robin? Round Robin betting simply means betting a bunch of parlays on all the teams you select. All the games you select will be criss-crossed into parlays. The most common Round Robins include only 2 team parlays, where each of your selected plays are matched up in 2 team parlays, but you can make the parlays 3-team, 4-team or as many teams in the parlay as you wish as long as you have selected that many games. Many players will play a combination of multi-team parlays, meaning if they like 5 games to bet they will play a 2-team Round Robin, 3-Team Round Robin, 4-Team Round Robin and a 5 Team Parlay. This is a very aggressive style of play, but if you win the majority of your games you will hit the jackpot, while risking a minimal amount of capital. This system follows the goal of my other books on gambling. This method of play accomplishes two of the most important aspect of gambling; keeping risk low and preservation of capital. You will be amazed on the large monster payoffs one can achieve by applying these methods. This book is for the gambler who likes to play many games that start at the same time. This book teaches a simple and effective method of playing multiple parlays through the use of Round Robins. Over betting is a common mistake for most betters, and this book shows the “quantity” better how to manage his risk. Many different styles are included in the book from the conservative to the aggressive. This is a must own book for all sports betters. About the Author Jim Oddo has been betting sports for over 25 years. An advanced handicapper, who did not achieve consistent winning until he learned how to control his losses. Over his long career, Jim has filed as a professional gambler on his income tax status thanks to his success. Table of Contents Overview Chapter 1 – Sports to use in Round Robins Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Boxing Chapter 2 – Definitions Math Disclaimer Flat Betting What is a Parlay? Chapter 3 – What is a Round Robin? Chapter 4 –Round Robin Math The Math of Parlays – Standard -110 line The Math of Round Robins Chapter 5 – Money Line Parlay Math Chapter 6 – Round Robin Betting Minimum Amount of Games Maximum Amount of Games Round Robin Truth Tables 5 Games 6 Games 7 Games 8 Games 9 Games Chapter 7 – Multiple Team Parlay Round Robin Techniques Multiple Round Robin Table Chapter 8 – Advanced Round Robin Techniques Underdog Round Robins Time Zone Hedge Round Robins Summary

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