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Green Bush Publishing is thrilled to present the sixth annual collection of Elliot Silvestri’s erotic writings. This volume includes the return of Elliot to erotica writing in 2018 covering his usual subject of lactation erotica with all the usual variety thrown in for fun.

Total length is 372,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: These stories feature a wide variety of human sexuality including graphic sex, oral sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, bondage and discipline, erotic lactation, sex with non-human sentients, voyeurism, BDSM, group sex, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

Petranella’s Lactation Control
Using Naomi
The Palace
A Milky Education
Faithless Milk
Sharing Her With Him
Rhette is Red
Ida’s Milk
The Sex Wizard
Spilt Milk
Steel Restraint

From Petranella’s Lactation Control:


“Hey hon, how was your day?” he asked from the kitchen where he was making dinner.

Petranella dropped her bag next to the front door and walked purposefully to the kitchen. She didn’t even give Ben time to put down the knife he was using to chop peppers and insinuated herself between him and the counter, kissing his cheek and then his lips. “Terrible,” she said. “I missed you the entire time.”

“I can tell,” he said as he accepted her kisses and tried to put the knife where he wouldn’t cut her.

“Wanna do it before, during, or after dinner?” she asked. He had already removed his tie and she now unbuttoned his dress shirt, kissing his chest.

“Um…after, but it looks like you want to do it before.”

“I’m horny,” she admitted without shame. “You aren’t too hungry, are you? If you are, you can eat me.”

His shirt was completely unbuttoned now and she was trying to pull it off him, but that was proving impossible. “What’s gotten into you?” Ben asked as he laid down the knife and tugged gently on her blouse, pulling it up from her skirt.

“Maybe I’m reaching my early thirties sexual plateau,” she said, helping him remove her blouse. “Maybe I just want you into me.”

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