The Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire’s Club 1 The Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire’s Club 1

The Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire’s Club 1

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McKenzie Kane is on her way to attending the medical school of her dreams— Stanford. McKenzie worked hard to get accepted into the prestigious, yet extremely expensive medical school, but when she realizes her funding has fallen through she is forced to rely on the one thing she has avoided relying on her entire life...her looks. Her lucky stars provide a mysterious solution for her—an invitation from The Elusive and Exclusive BC. One night here, and her first year's tuition will be paid in full. But little does she know she is attending a sex club for rich billionaire's! And she is the night's auction piece.

PLEASE NOTE: The Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire's Club: McKenzie's Choice, is a 6,925 short story and is a part of a short story/novelette episodic series. If you enjoy this first free book, you can save money when you purchase the bundle book (books 1-4) :) Or, look for the compiled NOVEL entitled—WANTING SO BAD LOVING SO GOOD 


Are you second guessing yourself? I'm a gentlemen. But once you agree, I'm afraid I have a pretty hungry appetite and I may not be able to stop."I slowly turned my chin and made eye contact with his deep eyes. Chills filled my entire body sending waves of coolness combined with the heat in my intimate places and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. There was no denying it; this man had a hold over me. I wanted him."No."And then with that one word, his wet large lips found mine as his hand reached the back of my head as he kissed me with such power that left me breathless and rendered paralyzed. His tongue played with my tongue as his hands began to undress me. His oversized hands cupped my breasts, I began to throb uncontrollably and my body begged to be filled.I wanted him to touch my bare nipples. Before I could even think, my head dizzy from the intense intoxication of this man's power over me, my dress was unzipped and lay bunched at my waist. His hands gripped my waist and his lips hungrily found my begging nipples. With his teeth, he lowered my bra and sucked at my nipple as I lifted my eyes to the ceiling in utter pleasure. My eyes rolled and my jaw opened wide. I gasped. If this was all we did for this one moment this night, it would be enough to last me for a lifetime.I could never remember my body ever reacting like this with my previous lover.I tried to quiet a small moan, but as he went to my other nipple and freed my bra, with now both hands on my breasts and kissing along my collarbone, the overwhelming pleasure feeling was too much. I cried out."I like that." He whispered. "I like seeing you in pleasure this way." He leaned me back on the velvet sofa. Never did I imagine that a complete stranger could invoke such strong electric feelings. I struggled to breath as if I were under water and just burst from holding my breath for a minute.

6 november
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