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All of these titles are books relating to stories that will hopefully make you think about how we constantly push ourselves to be the best parent that we can be. Some of us try so hard to emulate our own parents and then others try just as hard to give our children the life that we never had. No one knows which way works best or if it works at all, in view of the fact that every child is different, just as every day is. With that in mind, we have to treat each day as a new one and simply try to be best that we can be and know that we will never be perfect, but we owe it to our children to keep striving for it!
In this collection, there are plenty of parents that are doing what they think is best and making tons of mistakes while doing it. These stories are meant to reiterate the fact that we have all at some point felt like a bad parent. The key is through it all- the schools, the bullies and the bad relationships, we must remember that our children love us unconditionally and that little people have big eyes and ears. The world can be a terrible place, but as long as we stay strong in the eyes of our children, they will always have faith that “all storms blow over”. No matter how bad you think life is for you, with prayer and faith, someone before you got through much worse!

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Dominique Wilkins

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