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he Maps of Chickamauga explores this largely misunderstood battle through the use of full-color maps, graphically illustrating the complex tangle of combat’s ebb and flow that makes the titanic bloodshed of Chickamauga one of the most confusing actions of the American Civil War. Track individual regiments through their engagements at fifteen to twenty-minute intervals or explore each army in motion as brigades and divisions maneuver and deploy to face the enemy. The Maps of Chickamauga allows readers to fully grasp the action at any level of interest. Now available as an ebook short, The Maps of Chickamauga: Opening Moves and the First Day, August 29 – September 19, 1863 plows new ground in the study of the campaign by breaking down the entire campaign in 61 detailed full page original maps. Situation maps reflect the posture of each army on an hourly basis, while tactical maps reveal the intricacies of regimental and battery movements. The Maps of Chickamauga: Opening Moves and the First Day, August 29 – September 19, 1863 offers seven “action-sections”: - Rosecrans Crosses the Tennessee - Braxton Bragg Strikes Back at Rosecrans - Battle Begins in Winfrey Field - The Fight for Brock Field and Layfayette Road - Back and Forth in Viniard Field - Fleeting Rebel Success in Brotherton and Poe Fields - Cleburne Attacks in Winfrey Field The text accompanying each map explains the action in succinct detail, supported by a host of primary sources. Eyewitness accounts vividly underscore the human aspect of the actions detailed in the maps as brigades and regiments collide. Meticulously researched and footnoted by David Powell with cartography by David Friedrichs, The Maps of Chickamauga relies on the participants’ own words to recreate the course of battle. The Maps of Chickamauga is an ideal companion for battlefield bushwhacking or simply armchair touring. Full color brings the movements to life, allowing readers to grasp the surging give and take of regimental combat in the woods and fields of North Georgia.

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