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Save huge by getting FIVE super hot and sensual milking stories in one from bestselling author Anita Dobs, in this 26,559 word box set! Titles include:

The Billionaire's Milkmaid: Linda can't seem to find a way forward, men shun her when they find out about her physical condition, that is, until she is introduced to an enigmatic billionaire who has been searching for the perfect woman for years. Hayes, a self-made billionaire oil magnate, has everything he could possibly want, except a relationship that fulfills his every desire... 

Cowgirl for a Cowboy: Voluptuous virgin Marjorie, takes care of her father's ranch despite having to deal with her innconvenient milky condition. Her father wants to get her married-off to an out of town store owner, but Marjorie argues with him. One day while herding the cows alone and feeling hopeless, the cows stray onto free land and Marjorie decides to take a nap under a tree in the noon-day sun. She awakes to see the silhouette of a strapping cowboy dismounting from a horse, and tries desperately to hide the milk seeping through her shirt... 

The Doctor's Milkmaid: Nurse Emma Rivera has a problem, and it's not going away. As a trusted colleague, the handsome and professional Dr. Scott Howard is only too happy to listen to her issues. With her milk flowing before it's time, Nurse Rivera's husband just isn't paying her the kind of attention she needs. Frustrated, Emma is given a choice by her husband. A chance to do something she'd never opt for...

White Waves – The Pirates' Milkmaid: Flo, a barmaid with a special physical condition, is one day noticed by a member of the notorious pirate's crew, Roger Black – the most wanted and dashing pirate on the seven seas. The mysterious and daring man then himself pays her a visit. Unknown to Flo, the bad-boy pirate Roger Black has a special requirement of the lucky woman he will choose to sail with by his side. A requirement that Flo meets, but she is unwilling to go with him...

Breast Massage: When lactating Karen has a rare day off she decides to try something different. Thumbing through the local newspaper she comes across an ad for breast massage therapy. To her surprise and embarrassment, the therapist is Keith, a hunky thirty something male, with a body that looks just as strong as his voice over the phone. Keith has always had a fantasy though, a fantasy that he dared not act upon in all his years of practice but when he sees Karen, he finds her irresistible...

Warning! This box set contains erotic milking with billionaires, cowboys, doctors, and alpha males for adults only!

21 november
Bloomingdale Books

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