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A lot of people today talk about the New World Order but most of those folks are afraid to confront its real history and origins head on.

Although there has been much written about the New World Order — and even about the role that the Rothschild Empire plays in its strange history — this is the first book ever to document — from the beginning — the truth about this pernicious worldwide geographical phenomenon which is growing in strength day by day...

In THE NEW BABYLON, veteran author Michael Collins Piper explains in no uncertain terms the long-suppressed origins of the New World Order. Here are the facts — not the myths and misinformation (and deliberate misinformation) — about this geopolitical phenomenon rooted in the worldwide financial empire of the Rothschild family.

Examining the New World Order's religious and philosophical roots in the Jewish book of laws known as the Talmud, a product of ancient Babylon, Piper explores the manner in which followers of the Talmud rose to titanic heights in the arena of finance, culminating in the establishment of the Rothschild Empire as the premiere force in the affairs of our planet. Today, with the Rothschild power network firmly entrenched in American soil, the United States today has emerged as "The New Babylon" from which these modern-day Pharisees are working to set in place a global hegemon: The New World Order.

Relying upon many rare works (some never before published in the English language) Piper has assembled a panoramic overview of the sordid history of intrigue and destruction that paved the way for spiraling wealth and power now in the hands of a select few.

Americans and peoples everywhere need the information in this book to understand why, increasingly, they are seeing their liberties curtailed, their national economies wrecked and drained, and endless imperial wars of aggression are being perpetrated.

Only when the full nature of the New World Order is understood and confronted will it be possible for this evil agenda to be brought to a halt. THE NEW BABYLON is a virtual guidebook to the path toward mankind's survival — a `must' read for those who can handle the truth.

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23 juni
Michael Collins Piper

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