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Utgivarens beskrivning

Anrhu slept for 493 days; more than a year of being unconscious beneath the rubble of a massive unnatural earthquake. When he woke up because of some dog’s piss, he discovered that the world that he left was gone and that creatures from stories meant to frighten children have awakened and coexisted with the survivors of the apocalypse.

He followed the dog and a mysterious man, whom he eventually discovered to be a demigod, attacked by manananggals, befriended a kapre and discovered that the answer to all his questions lies within the words of a forgotten prophecy. Together with the other wakers, they travelled the changed landscape of two islands and went on the search of seven keys that shall lock the seven gates of Kanlaon, the mystical volcano; within its fiery caverns, another legendary foe awakens with the might of the hidden shadow that is the reason for everything.

Against time, the questers must discover the reality behind the Code of Kalantiaw, the epic poetry of Hinilawod, meet merfolks, cheat death, gain friends and uncover enemies until they could ultimately complete the seven keys that shall be the answer to all.

Meet Anrhu, Bulagao the kapre, Labaw Donggon the demigod, Kaptan, Tan Juan Araneta, Requinto the tikbalang, Nejeme the kataw and a host of other characters straight from the pages of Philippine Visayan Folkloke, reintroduced in a world set in the present but could very well be our future.

Sci-fi och fantasy
13 december
Louis Archie Perez