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From the John W. Campbell Award–winning author: The final four novels chronicling the military science fiction adventures of Nicholas Seafort.
In a “splendid homage to the grand tradition of the old seafarer’s tale,” the Seafort Saga tells the story of an intergalactic captain’s journey through the galaxy (Roger MacBride Allen).
Fisherman’s Hope: After he saved the Hope Nation colony from alien attack, Nick Seafort returned to Earth expecting a court martial, but instead his exploits have earned him a dignified position as an instructor at the United Nations Naval Academy. But when the fishlike aliens mount an attack, it’s up to Seafort to teach them a lesson.
“Feintuch has constructed a fascinating story . . . highly entertaining.” —Science Fiction Chronicle
Voices of Hope: Everyone knows Nick Seafort as “the Fisherman”—the hero who stopped the merciless, fishlike aliens when they attacked Earth. Decades have passed and he’s retired as the secretary general of the United Nations. But when his son, Philip, encounters the transpop culture—desperate people who live in the dangerous lower levels of New York City in a powder keg situation ready to blow—Seafort must save him.
“This is the finest action tale in the series to date.” —Booklist
Patriarch’s Hope: The Transpop Rebellion ended ten years ago with now–Secretary General Nicholas Seafort as a hero. But now an explosive disaster forces Nick to reexamine his life, his family, and his future as adversaries align against him. To save the planet from itself, he will need cunning, allies, and a large helping of luck.
“Top-notch sci-fi political intrigue with a strong military flavor.” —Library Journal
Children of Hope: Nicholas Seafort is the hero who saved the planet of Hope Nation from civil war and the fishlike aliens. But Randy Carr, son of Seafort’s old friend Derek, blames him for his father’s death. As a religious group called the Patriarchs fight to gain political control of Earth, and the aliens suddenly reappear, claiming they have peaceful intentions, Randy and Seafort become unlikely allies in a final fight for the planet’s future.
“Amid the nonstop action, Feintuch skillfully pushes all the emotional buttons.” —Publishers Weekly

Sci-fi och fantasy
25 september
Open Road Media

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