The Sex Workout: Fit Babe Gets Sweaty With Old Gym Client

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Fit and sexy personal trainer Lana Fox is always willing to help her older clients. But when old Mr. Sims has an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, Lana’s efforts to help results in a sweaty romp that puts the sexy young model and the weathered old pensioner through their paces.
This story is only suitable for adult readers. It contains graphic descriptions of sex between an old man and a younger woman. The characters depicted are aged 18+.
Intimate acts featured in the story include M/F consensual sex, oral sex, breast sex, analingus, anal sex. Although the characters don’t use condoms, the author encourages all her readers to always practice safe sex.

“That's very good, Mr. Sims,” said Lana Fox, smiling. “Not bad at all for eighty-one years old.”
The old man grinned at her while he pushed out another rep on the shoulder press machine. He was a new client at the private gym Lana operated with her bodybuilder boyfriend Trent. The club was based at the home she shared with him. It contained a small but perfectly equipped exercise room, an office, and a shower facility.
Lana was a stunning 23 year old brunette. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She had a fantastic body. She had to keep it toned and trim because she was a fitness model. Lana was certainly athletic and feminine, and her figure drew a lot of admiring glances from men and women.
Although she had no intention of looking hot for her elderly client today, Lana just couldn’t help it. She wore a white bra crop top, which showed off her flat tummy, and a very tight and tiny pair of shorts that clung to her shapely hips and bum. Completing the sexy personal trainer look was a pair of pink trainers. Lana was stunning. She just had a perfect body.
Mr. Sims, meanwhile, certainly didn’t. He was 81 years old. He was a tall thin, gangly, pensioner. He was bald on top, and his head was covered in wrinkles and liver spots. His skin was creased and pale, and Lana hoped the gentle exercise routine she had designed for him might put some colour in the old fellow’s cheeks. Exercise would certainly help him in his advancing years, so she would definitely work him as hard as he was able to. Despite being in the gym, Mr. Sims wore brown leather shoes and black socks, which looked incongruous with his gym gear of a blue vest that displayed his sagging shoulders, sunken chest, and scrawny arms; and his terribly inappropriate shorts – they were blue polyester, and far too tight.
As he was doing another set of shoulder presses, Lana stood right in front of him and was unaware of the effect she was having on the old chap...

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Rebecca Ryatt

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