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Scott Burgess has crafted a most intriguing commentary on Revelation's Old Testament counterpart. Readers will treasure The Stand: Jesus in the Book of Daniel for its educational and devotional value. It not only aids in deciphering mysteries and symbols but also encourages and promotes complete dedication to our Lord and Savior as it highlights the central theme of standing unsullied in the end-time judgment.

The author upholds the traditional Adventist methodology of allowing Scripture to interpret itself, and looking to history to confirm fulfilled prophecy. With that said, he also introduces a number of fresh insights. He highlights fascinating linguistic and conceptual connections with other portions of Scripture that many of us have not identified before. Those who pore over this tome will find a number of areas they readily agree with, and other areas that will require prayerful reflection before forming a decision, but nearly all will acknowledge Burgess' skillful manner of provoking prayerful thought and contemplation.

What makes any book like this truly worthwhile is the presence of Christ. Burgess stresses the ubiquity of His manifestation throughout the book—as the One who rules the universe, past, present, and future; and as the One who empowers His people to withstand the fiercest opposition for the sake of faithfulness to Him and His commandments. Jesus offers the same empowerment to us, especially as imminent events parallel what the four Hebrews experienced. This 2,500-plus-year-old document speaks to us today.

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