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Harold Clames is one of the richest men in America. His whole life, which he didn’t get to enjoy as much as he wanted, has been nothing short of a paradox. Now At sixty four, he is dying from a variety of illnesses that have dogged him since his youth. But it is an age where money can buy anything, including the chance to live a healthier life years into the future when technology advances beyond its present capabilities.

At the end of his second life, Harold Clames becomes the most important patient of a science research institution that is secretly gaining reputation among the wealthiest people in the world. He has nothing to lose expect for a couple of tens of millions of dollars which to him is pocket change.

Using his vast wealth and influence, Harlod Clames decides to set things in motion with the hope of ensuring that he may in the indefinite future live a robust and fulfilling life (his third life) or in the very least, that he may sire future heirs to inherit his name and his insanely huge fortune.The girl who he has chosen to be the mother of his future offspring is at the moment, a clueless foreign teenager.

He may have just signed away tens of millions of dollars of his wealth under the trusteeship of the controversial research institution which holds the key to his third life, but Harold Clames has never done anything in his life that wasn’t going to profit him in one way or another. He has always trusted his instincts even though sometimes he has in the past paid dearly for that.

This is the story of his first life which starts in the early forties. From the day he is born, Harold Clames’ life is a struggle. He almost never makes it past his premature birth date and when he does, he is very sick and abandoned. Even though he grows up in an Orphanage where he is raised by nuns, Harold is pretty much on his own and as soon as he turns nine, his destiny is entirely the craft work of his own hands.

He is allured to making money from the very beginning and discovers it at the same time as he discovers that there is another world beyond the walls of the solemn orphanage he grows up in. That world is America and there is no place like it in the fifties for a teenage boy to dream and be happy.

However, things will take a turn for the worse at every turn of his gloomy boyhood, and by the time he is twenty one years old towards the end of his first life, Harlod Clames has overcome very stipulating odds to be where he is and now believes he was born to conquer the word in a much wider capacity, which is the sole focus and theme of his second life which begins shortly after his twenty first birthday.

17 januari
Jack Nganga

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