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The West Point History of the Civil War Enhanced Edition is an unprecedented interactive history experience.  Commissioned by the United States Military Academy and used by West Point cadets and faculty in class, The West Point History of the Civil War Enhanced Edition provides all of the content available in other editions, plus so much more; it features:


– 34 Animated campaign and battle maps (among 65 new maps)

– 75+ Interactives, including

       -  Animated timelines,

       -  Data visualization,

       -  Tactics and organization,

       -  Annotated soldier illustrations,

       -  Primary source excerpts highlighting soldier experiences, and

       -  Full-length biographies of key Civil War figures, as well as

– 6 Chapters authored by 4 preeminent historians and

– 100s of digitally curated primary source documents, works of art, political cartoons, and more...


This Enhanced Edition represents not only the definitive military history of the Civil War, but also a technological and pedagogical leap forward in the way readers learn and enjoy history.  By leveraging custom-built digital tools, the The West Point History of the Civil War Enhanced Edition allows the reader to control and interact with the animations of Antietam, Gettysburg, and many other campaigns and battles.  In this way the reader can efficiently understand the complexities of the operations, allowing more time to grapple with the nuanced historical arguments and interpretations presented by preeminent Civil War historians.

The West Point History of the Civil War Enhanced Edition, now available to you outside the classroom for the first time, is but one volume of the 71 chapter tablet-based curriculum used at the U.S. Military Academy: The West Point History of Warfare.  Using the powerful learning tools embedded in this new digital curriculum, the History Department at West Point achieved an unprecedented 46% increase in the number "A’s" earned by cadets compared to the course average from the previous five years.  This remarkable achievement is fittingly aligned with both West Point’s mission to “educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets” and Rowan Technology Solutions’ mission to “produce the most innovative learning experiences and content development tools in the world.”

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