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This is a story of how a sages staff that blossomed in white petals two thousand years ago gave the Earth and humanity a valuable spiritual nudge in 2054.

The sage was Joseph of Arimathea, famous for providing a tomb for the crucified Jesus. But hes also legendary for arriving in Celtic Glastonbury in the first century AD, where he established the first Apostolic church in Britain.

Joseph also introduced the Grail Knight Fellowship and the Christ Light transmission. Immortal, hes been the chief magus of the Quest for the Holy Grail ever since and the leader of an esoteric academy spanning the centuries that trains people to use the authentic Christ Light to rebalance the planet.

It all comes down to a flowering white staff, and its a staff made of Light. Its blossoms are blazing diamond-white fire, and its called the White Crown. But Joseph is not the only one with a staff. All Grail Knights have one, and thats how they combine Christ alignment with Earth energies, as Edward Burbage found out. Hes an established Boston book editor who sets off with two companions on a four-year immersion in the powers and uses of the flowering white staff.

The story begins in the year 2050, and the world is still reorganizing itself along better lines than it has seen in millennia since the Golden Age finally began in 2020. But it still needs a few expert nudges from the white staff to keep it on track.

Edwards initiation into how you do this with the white staffs power takes him to Nebraska, Iowa, Glastonbury, Ireland, Gozo, and Greece. Along the way, he learns the true story of the Holy Grail, how Irelands original gods brought the Grail from the Andromeda Galaxy, and how their allies, the famously enigmatic 24 Elders, guide the Earths secret destiny. But Edward will have to deal with their enemy, Klingsor, the trickiest, nastiest, most deviously clever Grail Killer.

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