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Need Answers to Life Questions?

Ask 3 famous Indian Chiefs anything to learn what you need to Learn.

The Unconditional Love spirits of Dull Knife, Red Shirt & Geronimo respond, representing respectively Wisdom, Compassion & Action (with humor too).

Sit down. Be Still. Ask. Listen. This book shows you How to Do It solo.

Included is various Q&A from +130 folks who spoke with the “3 Chiefs”!

With Maison D’Être Publishing, Mike created this book and others, all interrelated.

He brainstorms intuitively (a process called “Whisking”) with businesses and individuals alike to help them expand in Life (“bizWhisk” & “lifeWhisk”).

What do you want to know in Life?
What should you let go of?
How do you need to grow?

Mike helps unlock a situation or person to Be More Efficient (Love), Open & Flowing.

Mike is an Empath who helps people get creative, spot obstacles, expand Thinking, find themselves & more. The Chiefs are part of that process.

He heals with Angels and helps some folks meet their Guardian Angels (Angels & you do all the work!). People connect or talk with his Guardian Angel via a real photo too.

He sees balls of light daily (Pure Love, God’s love for us all, Angels). +17,000 pics back it up to show how “Angels Please!” Some people end up seeing Balls of Light too or unlock their Intuitive talents. All skills are already within us.

He shows folks their energy field (Rainbow light, white light or colors), even over the phone. What does it All mean? It’s about Being, Loving and Letting Go.

Mike Believes in All, wants everyone to know their Angels, wants us all to have Peace & helps rid the world of Anger.

In his writings, he channels Mary, Jesus, the 3 Chiefs, Muhammad, Plato and others to talk about Unconditional Love, Opening the Heart & Mind, Letting Go, meeting & taming your Ego, & reaching your Inner Self (Love).

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