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To Kill  A Vampire book 1

Two vampire brothers are at war with each other and caught in between is Dakota.

After spending two weeks in a mental hospital, Dakota Bain can't accept why her parents committed her. After finally graduating from high school and after she secures a prized internship as a lab assistant at a prestigious research hospital for the summer, she doesn't realize that this will propel her into an intriguing, unbelievable, and the most terrifying experience of her young life.

As Dakota prepares for her first day on the job, she thinks she can handle anything after what she has gone through until she comes face to face with the handsome doctor, Ashton Mieras.

Ashton is the head of the research lab and he's dark and secretive as well as beautiful and sexy.  Dakota falls in love with him. He's her first love and she's intrigued by this man.

Who is this man Dakota has fallen for? Why does he look at her as if he loathes her one minute and the next he treats her tender as if she's the most precious thing on earth?

She discovers that being in love with Ashton comes at a price after she unearths his secrets. Can she pay the price, or will she embrace the life that's been thrust on her?

Book 2 To Kill A Vampire

Can Ashton Mieras the vampire who loves Dakota, forget his sordid past with Elizabeth now that she has returned to remind him that he's a dominant in the world of vampires, and what he craves can only be satisfied by her?

Will Dakota be able to satisfy Ashton's fantasies after his session with Elizabeth?

Dakota discovers that the vampire she fell in love with will never be what he promised and she looks to another to heal the pain of deception.  

Ashton's brother, Morgan Mieras wants Dakota as a bride and take away everything that's important to Ashton. Will he succeed? Will someone come to Dakota's defense to stop Morgan? Will it be Ashton or the mysterious shifter Dakota discovered on Morgan's island? And will the shifter make his demands on Dakota?

Book 3 To Kill A Vampire

An Alpha Werewolf whose only desire is to mate with Dakota a human, and he will defy his pack and hordes of vampires to claim Dakota during the full moon.

A Vampire who's in love with Dakota but can't abandon the sins of his past.

A Vampire who wants to conquer everyone and everything he comes in contact with, especially that which belongs to his brother Ashton.

Dakota, the human, who's trying to find her way to forgive her immortal vampire lover, Ashton. Will she discover that Ashton has turned away from her, and from his humanity, and wants her only to satisfy his lust? Will Dakota have to put a stake into Ashton's heart before she can be free of him?

Will the werewolf fall deep in love with Dakota where he becomes blind to her love for a vampire? Will the werewolf survive the love triangle?

You can read the final book in this scorching romantic vampire series to discover who will live through these twisted love affairs.

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Rachel E Rice

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