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She's found a menage that's too hot to handle, and two men too good to deny...

Amy Paris has a problem. She's had the hots for Jack Anderson, her sexy photographer roommate in Seattle, for a long time. Amy's been keeping her desires secret because Jack's already in a loving relationship with Lance Warren, a handsome billionaire with a fancy sports car and a heart-melting smile. It's yet another reason why she no longer believes in happily ever afters—what does a curvy caterer like her have that compares to a hunk like Lance? But the longer she's around these two men, the harder it is to keep her feelings in check and her desires hidden away. After Amy and Jack are hired by Lance's sister as her wedding caterer and photographer, Amy is drawn deep into their lives...and she doesn't know how much longer her willpower can hold out. Not only is Jack gorgeous and sexy, but Lance is far more than simply rich and handsome. He's a dream man. Both of them are. But she also knows dreams don't last forever...

Jack has always embraced being bisexual, but Lance remains far more private about his love life. They haven't been involved in a menage relationship in years, but Jack knows there's something special about Amy...and Lance can't deny it either. The heat between them is nearly too hot to handle, and when both men double up on her, they drive her absolutely wild during an unforgettable night of passion. But love this intense won't stay secret for long, and problems at wedding threaten to blow their budding threesome out of the water. Because a chance at happiness can be destroyed forever if love is kept secret...

Reader note: contains MMF menage and hot romance elements, BBW and billionaires, and male/male love

15 augusti
Etopia Press

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