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In four different perspectives the story of teacher-student love is portrayed where Shun and Hatsumi fancies their teacher Hino and Yoshio. Originally, things were alright until a rainy day at the pub caused the first mistake. Photos were taken and pushed the quartet to their emotional points. It’s always being said that it is inappropriate for teachers and students to have any interaction. Discover how the four of them spell the word 'Taboo'.

“Shun, listen to me, she is not the kind of girl you should like. Not only is she not of our class but she is your teacher. Give me the photos.”
Dad hesitates for a while but retrieves a pack of photos from his inside blazer pockets. He hands it to mom then mom gives it to me. Opening it I am shock to what’s in front of me. My heart collapses to million pieces to see photos of Miss Tamafune and Mr. Yoshio naked on a bed. Pictures of them kissing, hugging, stripping, everything. I am angry yet disappointed.

She wears a purple laced bra, I lift her breasts and fondle them the way I imagine when jerking off.
The sounds of slushing show how wet she is, I know it without the need of looking at it. She moans and slams her hands on to the wall, tightening into fists. I kiss along her back and increase speed on my hand.

I don’t believe him. I plead for his honesty but he only repeated the same words. All this time, it’s a one-sided love for me. The feelings I felt from him were just my imagination, ‘he never liked me that way.’ I feel so cheap, trying to force myself onto him all along. I’m hurt and naïve into believing he does love me. Why does this have to happen to me? I appreciate the things I am blessed with and am thankful to get what I want. Why is it the only person I want I don’t get to have? I love Yoshio. I truly truly love him.

I’ve not been to this pub before but I go inside anyway. I turn to see Hyosuke with a few empty glass bottles. He looks just as depressed as I am, I don’t recall what is the reason of him being sad but I feel like we are at a similar situation. Pity and relatable causes plus a drunken mind is what began our first mistake.

My legs naturally spread out and he picks up the cue. Pushing me further in on the bed, he takes off my skirt and panties and touches me from stomach to the shins.

Hitting me in weak punches she bawls, “I’m suffering because of you. I gave you my pure heart and you betrayed me. You’re so horrible.”

Hatsumi, I’m sorry for what I have done, if I know this is how it will turn out, I’d rather give up everything than to see you in this state. I kiss her on the lips and once she breaks free from me she slaps my face.

“Are you messing with me!?”

“Hatsumi, please hear me out.”

“No!” she turns to the door, attempting to run away but I caught her from the back.

My arms squeezed her shoulders firmly, “I lied I lied!” repeating myself.

As our lips part, her soft tongue follows mine leaving it hanging mid-air like a cute pup. Rejoining the tongues, I give it a good suck enough to make her whine devastatingly. Gradually smooching away and to her sensitive ears, I nibble and bite on her right ear. Filling her with only sounds of breathing and suction.

“I promise to never leave you alone.”

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