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Morgan Sythe expected when he moved to Coral Cove he would finally get the peace quiet and relaxation that he could never find in Boston. His past of using his fists haunted him, and he wanted to leave that all behind for something new. Instead with one rub of a dusty cobalt blue bottle he ended up with a matchmaking genie. The genie stood larger than life and made it his mission to set Morgan up with his sexy neighbor down the beach. Morgan assured the magical being he needed no help when it came to the affairs of the heart. In fact he planned to make a move on the love woman in his own time. He saw a hint of sadness in her eyes which he wanted to erase. But Samson the genie had other plans on how fast he should move.

Lily Marquette came to the small costal town to escape a past that always seemed to find her. She hoped on the sandy beach and in the warm sun she could make a new life away from the chaos that her life used to be. Her sexy neighbor seemed to run hot and cold. One minute he was kissing her senseless and the next he was forgetting he left her notes. Plus his best friend was the size of the jolly green giant and wore slogan T-shirts. She didn’t need any more complications in her life. But when Morgan held her and made her body ache with desire, Lily wanted to risk it. She just prayed that the secrets she was running from didn’t catch up and drive him away.

8 mars
Dahlia Rose

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