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A young, innocent woman and her doctor undertake an erotic journey that shatters all their boundaries in this three-story bundle. Dr. Hartley shows Lily pleasure like she’s never known—and makes demands that shock her to her core. As she grows to trust him, he leads her deeper into his world of dark desire, until hostile forces threaten to tear them apart, and Lily must risk everything … or lose the man determined to possess her.This collection (over 16,000 words) contains the complete, unedited texts of Virgin Anatomy, Private Anatomy, and Final Anatomy. Warning: features graphic sexual content, including bdsm themes, seduction, defloration, masturbation, spanking, oral sex, intimate examinations, bondage, domination, double penetration using sex toys, rough sex, anal play, and first-time anal sex, and is for mature audiences only.Excerpt:I looked askance at the vibrator. “You’re not going to put that inside me, are you?”“Only if you want me to. But we’ll start with the outside.”I felt a strange tingling all over. “If you think it would help, Doctor …”“I’m sure it will, Lily.” He washed the vibrator with soap and water and dried it, then added batteries from the storage compartment under the sink. Batteries seemed like a weird thing for an exam room to have, but I didn’t say anything. He turned the vibrator on, then off, and smiled at me again. “This will probably work better if you take your gown off.”“Oh … all right.” I slipped it off, and he laid it aside. I was naked beneath it; he always had me take everything off before I put my gown on. My nipples stiffened in the cool air and I crossed my arms over my breasts, but Dr. Hartley said, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Lily. You have a beautiful body.”“Thank you, Doctor.” I hesitated, then blurted, “Do you really think so?” I wanted to take the words back as soon as I spoke them, but he didn’t seem to mind.Taking my arms, he gently moved them aside. “Any woman would be proud to have these.” He cupped one of my breasts in his hand and brushed his thumb over the nipple, and I gasped. “Does that feel good?” he said.“Yes, Doctor,” I whispered.“Good girl. Lie down now.”

11 september
Sunset Seductions

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