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Ultimate Desire Collection Part 1 & 2:

10 Steamy Romance Short Stories.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story, as well as in parts 1 and 2.

Two bonus stories included in this complete collection (The Right Choice & Passion and Revenge).

Total word count 56,756.

Two Nights of Passion

Amy, a dreamer, longs for the happily-ever-after, with someone special to whisk her away and introduce her to a new world of love and romance. Jason takes a more casual view to relationships.

Reluctant Hero

Jade’s world has come apart! Her fiancé, who she thought she knew so well, has been revealed as a fraudster and has run off after clearing out their joint bank account, leaving her stranded and facing eviction.

Hidden Desire

Sophie is left feeling mad and angry when Ben, her fiancé, jilts her on the eve of their wedding day, leaving her to pick up all the pieces. Sophie partly blames Jacob, Ben’s incredibly sexy best friend, for her humiliation.

Sweet Revenge

Kelly has been recruited by her sister Lisa to help her in a plan of revenge against David, the handsome but ruthless man who abandoned Lisa after she painfully lost their child.

The Deal

Scarlett finds herself at the total mercy of Chris! She has always been frightened of Chris, due to his raw sexuality combined with his intense, admitted desire for her.

A Second Chance

Jennifer shares a weekend alone with Craig, whom she had once been so close to, from the moment they met when she had been just eighteen and Craig not much older.

Betting On The Playboy

Jack and Laura’s relationship starts off with a mutual fondness for steamy sessions of hot sex!

Their relationship was only meant to be casual one.

The Apology

Poppy wants nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend Steven after she catches him in an inappropriate embrace with her former friend and flatmate, but Steven denies he is a love rate.

The Right Choice

Celine tries desperately to speak to Peter, her best friend, on the day of his wedding and stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life of marrying the wrong woman, when he should be marrying her instead!     

Passion and Revenge

Ellie embarks on one night of passion with Clarke, the man she holds responsible for ruining her engagement to his brother Jeremy and the life she was happily planning for!

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