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When police officer Frank Thomas is sent to a gay sex dungeon to investigate the murder of several young homosexual men in the Philadelphia area, things get out of hand quickly. First, his partner admits that he is gay, and was a former client of the man they were sent to interview. Then, they meet the owner of the dungeon, a man simply known as “Uncle John,” and sparks fly when Thomas’ all-business demeanor clashes with this man’s jovial personality. Finally, Thomas agrees to undergo a “session” at the hands of Uncle John, to prove that he can handle anything the rotund Master can dish out. But what Thomas doesn’t know is that Uncle John knows more about his past—including memories that he has suppressed and feelings of same-sex attraction—than he ever could have imagined. In order to solve the case and find the killer, Thomas will have to keep his wits about him, be honest with himself about who he is, and bear in mind that, inside Uncle John’s Punishment Dungeon, nothing is as it seems.

This 15,000 work of erotic horror fiction contains scenes of MM BDSM punishment, as well as reluctant first-time gay experiences by a straight man (manual stimulation, forced orgasm, and anal sex). It is intended for mature audiences only.


As Officer Todd helped secure Officer Thomas to the bed in Uncle John’s basement, he could not help but remind his partner one last time, “You know this is crazy, right?”

“I know. I know. I opened my mouth and couldn’t keep my ego in check. Look, this guy might be creepy-as-****, but he’s basically harmless. He’s gonna try to scare the **** out of me, he’s not gonna succeed, and we’ll both be at the bar later having a beer, laughing about the whole thing.” Thomas said all of this with a confident air.

“No, I don’t think you understand. He’s very good at what he does. He’ll get inside your head and take you places that you don’t want to go.” Todd looked worried as he offered his genuine warning. “Just remember, he always gives you an out. When you see it, take it, because if you think this is about standing up to him, I think you’re gonna find that the way out vanishes pretty quickly.”

“All right, gentlemen, are we ready?” Uncle John made sure that the straps securing Thomas’s arms and legs were fastened tight. As he did so, he leaned in to Thomas as told him, “Just a formality, really. It’s for your own protection. When you want to get out, just give me the word, and we’ll cut you loose.”

Thomas looked at Uncle John as if to say, “Fat chance!”

“OK, well, you have agreed to undergo a series of treatments, and the first one I usually start with is just a brief question-and-answer session. So I’m going to ask you some questions. Is that all right?”

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Tim Strong

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