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Christopher Awakens in the Dark. He's been buried alive!

He digs his way out and finds his grave stone.

He is not human anymore. What is he?

The creature who made him is still out there

This ebook contains: man discovering he
is a vampire, man finding love in another man's pregnant wife. mad-dog vampire, nice vampire.

In nearly mindless terror, he fought the dirt and the darkness to dig out. At last, he pulled himself up through the dirt and saw moonlight. He was so relieved to be free of the darkness that he almost cried. With renewed determination, he pulled himself free.
As he lay atop the mound, he saw headstones everywhere. He was in a graveyard. He turned and saw a headstone marked his grave. He gasped when he read it...
Here lies
Christopher Grossly
October 12, 1796
April 15, 1821
Killed by wolves
Moaning in mindless terror, he got up and ran.


“This is amazing.” He said. “Edna, come here.” Edna walked over and stood before him in all her naked glory. This must be another of the weird powers he had inherited from the creature.
He could sense the intoxicating ‘feel’ of the blood flowing throughout her body. It was too sweet to resist. He took her in his arms and held her tightly, savoring the feel of her warm vibrant body. He was aware of the throbbing of her heart and the rich red blood pulsating through her. Holding her naked body against his chest, he was very much aware of her as a woman too.
Christopher brushed his lips lightly against Edna’s, knowing it was wrong to kiss another man’s wife. Her lips were soft and pliant. He nibbled his way from her lips to the pulse point in her neck. She began to respond to him as a man, moaning softly. His heightened senses detected the scent of a woman fully aroused.
He felt himself developing another need beyond the blood lust. He felt a strong desire to possess her and make her wholly his, both as a man and as a … creature. Fighting his instincts, he almost let her go, but the blood lust was too strong.
When he could stand it no longer, he began kissing and nibbling her jugular, letting the hunger rise. His fangs extended and he penetrated her jugular.
The blood flowing into him through his fangs was almost orgasmic in nature. Strangely, Edna seemed to derive an equal amount of pleasure from him sucking her blood. She put her arms around him and her scent of arousal became sharper. It made it harder to think about wanting to stop, given the pleasure they both seemed to feel.
As hunger faded into the background, he could tell when her blood loss reached a danger point. It took an effort of great will, but Christopher stopped drawing blood and withdrew his fangs. He watched with incredibility as the puncture marks on her neck closed up and faded to near invisibility.

Sci-fi och fantasy
16 juni
Ken Rander

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