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Is America in a new Cold War with Russia? How does a new Cold War affect the safety and security of the United States? Does Vladimir Putin really want to destabilize the West? What should Donald Trump and America’s allies do?

America is in a new Cold War with Russia even more dangerous than the one the world barely survived in the twentieth century. The Soviet Union is gone, but the two nuclear superpowers are again locked in political and military confrontations, now from Ukraine to Syria. All of this is exacerbated by Washington’s war-like demonizing of the Kremlin leadership and by Russiagate’s unprecedented allegations. US mainstream media accounts are highly selective and seriously misleading. American “disinformation,” not only Russian, is a growing peril.

In War With Russia?, Stephen F. Cohen—the widely acclaimed historian of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia—gives readers a very different, dissenting narrative of this more dangerous new Cold War from its origins in the 1990s, the actual role of Vladimir Putin, and the 2014 Ukrainian crisis to Donald Trump’s election and today’s unprecedented Russiagate allegations. Topics include:

• Distorting Russia
• US Follies and Media Malpractices 2016
• The Obama Administration Escalates Military Confrontation With Russia
• Was Putin’s Syria Withdrawal Really A “Surprise”?
• Trump vs. Triumphalism
• Has Washington Gone Rogue?
• Blaming Brexit on Putin and Voters
• Washington Warmongers, Moscow Prepares
• Trump Could End the New Cold War
• The Real Enemies of US Security
• Kremlin-Baiting President Trump
• Neo-McCarthyism Is Now Politically Correct
• Terrorism and Russiagate
• Cold-War News Not “Fit to Print”
• Has NATO Expansion Made Anyone Safer?
• Why Russians Think America Is Attacking Them
• How Washington Provoked—and Perhaps Lost—a New Nuclear-Arms Race
• Russia Endorses Putin, The US and UK Condemn Him (Again)
• Russophobia
• Sanction Mania

Cohen’s views have made him, it is said, “America’s most controversial Russia expert.” Some say this to denounce him, others to laud him as a bold, highly informed critic of US policies and the dangers they have helped to create.

War With Russia? gives readers a chance to decide for themselves who is right: are we living, as Cohen argues, in a time of unprecedented perils at home and abroad?

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27 november
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