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“Should I order an MRI or a CT for this indication?” - a question asked by healthcare providers more often than one might think. For-profit medical science creates innovation that benefits us all, no double about it. However, the frequent technological advances among the large imaging equipment manufacturers in order to gain competitive advantage can be tough to keep up with. Professor and Chair of Radiology at UC San Diego William Bradley, MD, PhD, sums it all up in this insightful book written just for the referring physician. Recommendations on which studies to order for various parts of the body are laid out in a logical, succinct manner, with separate sections on the clinical implications of recent improvements in MRI and multi-detector CT technologies, and their appropriate roles for evaluating intracranial abnormalities, head and neck, musculoskeletal, and cardiac and abdominal applications.

The “Radiology Guidance for Referring Physicians” series of ebooks offers practicing clinicians - both primary care doctors and specialists - a quick and easy reference to over 100 distinct conditions, and how state-of-the-art imaging should be applied within the context of diagnosis, preoperative staging and therapy monitoring.

Authored by board certified radiologists who also teach at the finest medical schools in the U.S. and abroad, each ebook is presented in a clear and concise manner meant to be read in less than an hour, yet contains all the necessary information with which to base a decision on when to order advanced imaging studies for the particular disease process under review.

The “Radiology Guidance for Referring Physicians” series offers doctors the opportunity to access crucial information quickly and economically as cases present in daily practice, without the need to invest in a large, all-encompassing (and expensive) tome.

29 juli

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